2016 Reunion

The 2016 Reunion Picnic is over!

For 2016 the Reunion Picnic was a joint event with the DePollo and Quattro families. The descendants of Adeline (Quattro) and William DePollo  accounted for about 2 dozen of those planning on attending a DePollo reunion, so having a joint reunion of Quattro and DePollo family made sense.  Having a joint reunion made it easier for those two dozen descendants who, for the most part, have very long transits to attend an event in West Virginia. Last year there were two separate events. This year the Quattro family hadn’t had an opportunity to set a date and arrange for a place to hold a Quattro Reunion. Gary invited them to join with the DePollo’s reunion and that worked out great. We all appreciate that there was a single reunion instead of two separate events. The picnic was great and the music afterward at the Purple Fiddle was enjoyed by everyone. We all mingled, Quattro’s and DePollo’s, whether or not there was a direct family tie.  The picnic was billed to run from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm followed by a musical concert at the Purple Fiddle that was to run to 5:30 pm.  Almost everyone at the picnic also attended the event at the Purple Fiddle. Afterward, a group photo was taken outside the building.  We had forgotten to take a group picture at the picnic grounds, we were just having too much fun.

If you have photos or video to share please contact Gary DePollo to make arrangements to exchange them.

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2016 Reunion Group Shot with markup to identify everyone


What about another reunion?  Several of the family members made comments like “When we do this again in 2017_________”.

If there is to be a 2017 reunion it will take place the last weekend of July 2017, plan for it.   Make adjustments to your personal schedule to accommodate the dates, July 28, 29, 30 of 2017. Some others need to step up to the plate and take an active role in organizing. This website will be available to publish any information new organizers would like to have posted here. Contact Gary DePollo if you would like to take on the task, he’ll help you as much as possible. Other’s need to become active in the planning. The younger members of the DePollo family who have musical talent should take up the practice of playing in concert at the Purple Fiddle. It’s a tradition that would be fantastic to continue as long as the owner makes the option available to us. Some need to plan for it and take on the responsibility of organizing a ‘descendants musical group’ collaboration.

New Content from the 2016 Picnic Reunion

The following is a slideshow of contributor photos from family members

If you have some photos or video to share

contact Gary DePollo

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