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Jennifer works on more than one island

Jennifer (DePollo) Horn gets to take some time off at the end of the day, after working on the feet of the horses on South Fox Island. She has a regular schedule of clients on both Mackinac Island and South Fox Island. The big difference is how far out in the lake the two islands are, and the fact that South Fox is far, far , far less populated. It only has horses and the caretakers much of the time.

South Fox Sunset

South Fox Sunset

Jennifer (DePollo) Horn  is a Farrier, a Horseshoer. She’s known by other top rated Farriers all over the World. She has been in Italy, the United Kingdom, and Canada where she worked with farriers in those countries. She has been an officer of the Michigan Horseshoers Association for over 15 years. She is a founding member of the American Association of Professional Farriers. She is also an accomplished artistic blacksmith with clients all around Michigan.

Today, Jennifer sent these images of her ‘off the clock’ activity on South Fox Island, located in Lake Michigan. A beautiful day for a horseback ride on the island and a wonderful Lake Michigan sunset.

Jen's Horseback Selfie

Jennifer’s Horseback Selfie


South Fox Island is a private island located about 16 1/2 miles out into Lake Michigan. It’s about 30 miles from Bay Harbor, Michigan. The island is available for vacation and corporate retreats. Jennifer is flown to the island to work on the 16 Tennessee Walking Horses there. She’s been doing that for quite some time now. She has an apprentice with her this trip and they expect to be there for a week or more.


Fox Island Horses

South Fox 01

Google Earth South Fox 1

Here’s a Google Earth view of the island

Google Earth South Fox 2

Here’s a Google Earth view of the island


















































South Fox Properties

An ad for renting the facilities.

South Fox 12

Jennifer’s apprentice looking over the paddock

South Fox 04

The private island is self sufficient




South Fox 11

Three power generators for the island








Thomas – Traveling 219: The Seneca Trail

Here’s a link to a site that show off many of the places familiar to a lot of us.

There are some SoundCloud narratives that you can play and even download. They are located next to the images of the DePollo Store and have a big red player arrow on them. The first one is about the Sutton Theater,  and also about Mike Ferruso. The second one is about the Purple Fiddle, once the Old DePollo Store.

Click the title after the word ‘source’ or click the “Traveling 219′ site logo below

Source: Thomas – Traveling 219: The Seneca Trail

Traveling 219

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From the Chuckwagon on Old Man Forge

Here’s great recipe that I’ve posted on my personal website,

The original was posted last week. Today I modified that original recipe by using Zucchini instead of cucumbers. I am excited to say that it came out great!

Click the title in the box below and you’ll be taken to the recipe on my Chuck wagon page at Old Man Forge. From there you can also open a PDF version with options to download or print the recipe.

Stuffed Cucumber (or Zucchini) Soup

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August 14th – Who is it?

Know anyone?

Here’s a slide-show of recently scanned images. Can you identify anyone? You can pause the slide-show by placing your cursor over an image, move off to let it run again. Every so often a post might be made with a slide-show of pictures that activate anyone’s memory of those we might know. For some it will be a fresh look at those who have a link to us in one way or another.

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The DePollo building flight

It was a stormy Sunday at the end of July 2016 when I made a UAV flight in Thomas West Virginia to record views of the DePollo Building, originally the DePollo Store and now the Purple Fiddle. Great grandfather Guiseppe DiPaolo, Joseph DePollo built the store and dedicated it in 1915. He raised his daughter and sons above the store and many of them also raised their families in the apartments above the store. Uncle John DePollo ran the store after his father’s death. A cornerstone of community life the store was a gathering place where many came to share the time and events of their daily lives. The Purple Fiddle, as it known now, is still a gathering place and hosts entertainment from all over. Bluegrass bands are particularly a big part of the genre that is popular at the Purple Fiddle. The Purple Fiddle has been at the forefront of the revival of Thomas, WV, an old mining town that was in decline since the 1950s. A custom made forges stainless steel and marble plaque, made by a DePollo descendant hangs in the Purple Fiddle honoring the 100 year anniversary of the building.



Many stories can be told that include the DePollo store and the daughter and sons who grew up within. The DePollo family has spread all across the United States but they always have the feeling of ‘Home’ and belonging when they return to Thomas, WV for a visit. In 2015 and 2016 the descendants held family reunions and the DePollo Building, the Purple Fiddle was an important part of those events. The twin sons of John DePollo made annual visits to the Store on his birthday and would always entertain with their band. They continued the tradition even after John’s passing. The two reunions gave an opportunity to continue the honoring of John DePollo, as well as the patriarch, Joseph DePollo and his wife Agnes and the rest of their children. Hopefully this tradition will continue into the future.

If you have a story that you’d like to write up and share on this site contact Gary DePollo to make arrangements. P.S. UAV means unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly called a drone.


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