Thomas, WV Gets Notoriety


Our heritage town was featured as the lead story in the May 2017 issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine.  Jennifer DePollo Horn spotted the magazine, at the airport, while travelling to a blacksmith contest and shared it with us. The article talks about the resurrection of Thomas, WV from it’s days as a poster child for Appalachian decline. The current owner of the DePollo Building, John Bright, gets credit for being the catalyst to the revival of economy and subsequent restoration that many of the old buildings are seeing.  John bought the DePollo Building and opened it as the ‘Purple Fiddle’, one of the best known live music venues in the region. Visitors from Washington D.C. or Pittsburgh, PA often come to Thomas to take in the sites and spend an evening listening to many varied styles of music. As the article says ‘the Fiddle estabished Thomas’ reputation beyond the Alleghenies’. The article in the magazine speaks of the resurgence of many similar towns across America, but we are proud to say that Thomas, WV was first in the story.

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