Praise Be To God

Today Gary DePollo underwent a lengthy surgery, a Whipple Procedure, to make sure he will be here to provide you all updates, news, and musing for years to come.

We arrived at the hospital about 5:30am and made our way to the surgical floor, where he was quickly taken back to get the whole process going. Surgery began shortly after 8:00am. A few “they are still in surgery and he is still doing fine” later and we got to meet with the surgeon, about 5:20pm. All of our anxiety was quickly relieved when we heard, “It went well and Gary did great.”

Thank you all for your love, thoughts, and prayers. Know that we return them all and then some.

signed An Old Man Forge Apprentice

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Jennifer DePollo Horn TV Interview

Jennifer DePollo Horn was interviewed by the Lansing, Michigan local News TV station WLNS Channel 6. Today marks the beginning of three days of Competition and Learning Clinics held annually by the Michigan Horseshoers Association. This is the 49th year that the MHA has held these events. It is the oldest Farrier Association in the United States. Jennifer is currently the President of the Michigan Horseshoers Association, and has been a Contest coordinator for over ten years.  Horseshoers from all across the United States attend this competition and attend the classroom clinics where they get training on methods to improve their skills. Click the ‘Channel 6 WLNS Visited the 2018 Contest‘ link below, then in the new window click the ‘Click here to watch…” link to view the brief video.


Channel 6 WLNS Visited the 2018 Contest

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