Update on ‘Do You Know Them?’

It’s quite possible we have the answer to who was pictured in the old photo with the previous Post.

From the DePollo link to the Quattro family we received a reply from Marc D’Aloisio, grandson of Anthony Quattrocchi and Petronella DiBacco, and he believes very strongly that the bride and groom are his grandparents.

Marc sent a copy of a portrait of his grandparents and it’s here for comparison. What do you think? It looks like it might be a pretty positive identification of the bride and groom. We still have no idea who the others are, perhaps some of the DiBacco’s might recognize an ancestor.

Click the image for a larger view

Marc D’Alosio identifies the couple with children in the photo at the right as his Grandfather Anthony Quattrocchi, brother to Concezio Quattro (Jim Quattro) and his Grandmother Petronella DiBacco. The children are identified as Ida (Eda Quattrocchi) D’Aloisio, the little girl with the doll. Ida was Marc’s mother. The other little girl is Emily (Quattrocchi) Acari, Marc’s Aunt.

It’s possible that other’s in the left side photo might be the bride’s side of the family, the groom’s side, or possibly the bridesmaid and best man in the background. If anyone can help identify them please send a message to us.

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Do You Know Them?

Does anyone recognize someone in this portrait photo? It appears to be a wedding photo with family members surrounding the bride and groom. If you recognize this family please let us know.

Who are these people, does anyone know?

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Long Lost but Now Found

Joe DePollo, Family patriarch in America

Guiseppe DiPaolo came to America to make his fortune. He planned to return to Italy one day, as is evidenced by property purchases he made in the ‘old’ country. However, a time came when he decided things were always going to be better in America. He sent for his wife and several of his siblings. One of them was Feliciano DiPaolo. Somehow Feliciano never made it to Guiseppe’s town of Thomas, WV.  By this time Guiseppe was now known as Joe DePollo, prosperous merchant and respected citizen. Joe hired an Agent to search for his brother but the effort was unsuccessful. 

Felix Powell (Feliciano DiPaolo)

Now, in 2018 Feliciano has been found. His story will soon be reported here on DePolloFamily.com, once we have time to get everything written up and all the names and relationships sorted out.

However, here’s a brief part of the story. John Holt contacted us earlier in the year looking for information and a possible link between his grandfather, Felix Powell, and Guiseppe DiPaolo. John revealed that Felix Powell was born in Introdaqua as Feliciano DiPaolo. On Felix’s naturalization record his birthdate is shown as July 7, 1871, and indicates he was born in Tivoli which is actually about 144 kilometers from Introdaqua.  We don’t know yet whether Tivoli or Introdaqua was the correct place of birth. The story of how Feliciano became known as Felix is very interesting. Even more interesting is Felix’s life as well known Methodist Evangelist Minister in Maine.

John Holt was convinced that there was a relationship between Felix and Joe. DNA test reports pointed the way. John had submitted for DNA tests that put him on the trail of discovery. We collaborated and are pleased to announce that we believe we have found enough confirming information through official records and family history to declare that it is a FACT that Guiseppe DiPaolo (known as Joe DePollo) of Thomas, West Virginia and Feliciano DiPaolo, (known as Felix Powell) Methodist Episcopal Minister of Maine were indeed brothers.

We would love to hear from anyone who may have any additional information. The sister of Guiseppe and Feliciano was named Lucheria or Lucia. She arrived in Thomas, WV where she met Antonio Pavone and married. They have a long line of descendants. Allesandre DiPaolo, another sibling of Guiseppe traveled with Feliciano. We don’t know much about him either. He may have stayed in America or may have gone back to Italy.

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