I’m Sorry

Please forgive me for the multiple emails on March 28th announcing a new Post about Angelo. I think most of you might have received 3 emails as only 1 person ‘reported’ having gotten 4 emails.

Two of the three notification emails had broken links in them. They were manually sent when it seemed that the automatic email did not got out. One of the two was supposed to be about Angelo and the other was supposed to have been about information on the 2019 reunion.

I use WordPress to create and manage this web site. WordPress makes use of various plug-ins to provide different features. The plug-in that I selected for automatic notification to subscribers when a new Post is made is partially at fault. The author of the plug-in has made numerous updates of the software ever since I first installed it.

When I originally installed the plug-in it seemed to do what was expected, automatically notify the followers of the website that a new Post had been published.

Over the past year there have been a few ‘hiccups’ and the plug-in failed to send out a notice of a newly published post. About a week ago a new Post had been made to provide some details about the 2019 Reunion in Thomas, WV. I never got a notification email about that Post. That alerted me, for you see, my email address is in the ‘audience’ list like everyone else. There had been a recent update of the plug-in. This new update led me to believe another ‘hiccup’ occurred. I didn’t have time to investigate as I was getting ready for a trip.

On March 28th I wanted to create a new Post about Angelo. I published the Post and then about 15 minutes later I checked my email for an announcement. I decided there was something wrong with the plug-in. This was the second time that no notification email was delivered. I began investigating.

The Bad, My Bad

I saw another possibility within the options menu for the plug-in. There was an option to create a ‘Campaign’ and then send a ‘blast’ immediately by clicking a ‘send immediately’ button. I wasn’t sure and thought maybe the latest update to the plug-in meant you had to use that option. I clicked the ‘create campaign’ button and followed the instructions right to the point of ‘send campaign blast immediately’. The plug-in reported that the ‘campaign’ had been successfully sent.

While I was still in the editor function for the web site I recalled the ‘reunion 2019 Post’ that apparently had not gone out. I decided to follow the same procedure and create a campaign for it. I again followed the instructions right to the point of ‘send campaign blast immediately’.

More than an hour had transpired so I went back to my email account. To my surprise the email that should have gone out automatically when the Angelo Post was first published was now in my InBox. Also in the InBox was an email announcement made by the Angelo ‘campaign’ that I had just created. However the ‘campaign’ email was faulty as it should have shown the title of the Post and should have had a link to the Post. It had neither. I don’t know but I may have messed up and not configured the ‘campaign’ correctly to make it show the Post title and Post link.

The ‘campaign’ for the 2019 reunion details never showed up in my email InBox, though it may have shown up for some of you. At this point I think perhaps the second ‘broken links’ email that said it was about Angelo was actually the Campaign that was supposed to be about the Reunion.

The plug-in is a bit cryptic due to it’s lack of clear instructions. Added to the lack of clear instructions is the fact that the editor interface changed from the way it was when I installed the original version of the plug-in.

As I said, I apologize that you may have received multiple emails for what seemed to be the same Post.

Ultimately, my motivation was being proud that my youngest grandchild was serving all of us by serving in the United States Marines and my concern for his safety now that he was being deployed.

If you haven’t already figured out how to check ALL the Posts that have been published you can go to www.DePolloFamily.com and choose Posts from the tabs at the top of the page.

p.s. This Post never went out with an automatic notice as far as I can tell! It should have which is frustrating, but I’m not going to create a Campaign and do that again!

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Keep Safe

On March 9th Angelo was home for a pre-deployment leave

Angelo DePollo, Our United States Marine

Angelo has worked hard, trained well and advanced in the United States Marines. Today he’s going into the next phase of military service and will be putting all the training into effect. We pray to the Lord that he will safely return home after his tour of duty.

Please join us and say a few prayers for Angelo’s safety while on his tour of duty.

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2019 Reunion

The DiPaolo – DePollo – Ferruso – Pavone – Butler – Helmick – Watring – Loukmas – Waitekunas – Dilettoso – Bachtel – Quattro and ALL related families will be having a Family Reunion on July 26-28, 2019, in Thomas, WV. This reunion will be hosted by the DePollo Family, and organized by Janice DePollo Lantz.

As in the past, we will gather for a reception on Friday evening in the Lounge area at the Blackwater Falls State Park Lodge around 7:30 p.m.

On Saturday, we have secured the Knights of Columbus Pavilion, located on route 32 between Thomas and Davis, with Festivities beginning at noon. The pavilion was not available on Sunday, but in the past, the family has gathered at Horseshoe Run Recreation Area for more fellowship and merry making. More details to come on that.

Optional tours of Thomas and the local cemetery will be available for anyone who wants to go.

For the picnic, the Joe DePollo family will provide grilled hot dogs and Italian sausage. Bring a dish to share. Also anyone who plays an instrument or has a story to tell should practice up! We will give some prizes for the oldest, youngest and the furthest traveler, and we’ll have some games and other activities. We’ll collect a free-will offering at the picnic to donate to the K of C for use of their pavilion.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again. Excitingly, we’ve discovered relatives from the family of Felix Powell (Feliciano DiPaolo), a long lost brother to our family founder, Joe DePollo (Guiseppi DiPaolo). We hope some of his descendant family members can join us this year.

Let Janice DePollo Lantz (jadlantz@aol.com) know if you plant to attend by July 15, so we have an approximate count. You could alternately fill out the survey related to this post by clicking here

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