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Jennifer DePollo Horn, Farrier and Artist Blacksmith

Jennifer DePollo Horn, and her associate blacksmith, Bill Palmer have completed a massive set of iron flower sculptures to grace the entrance to a new city park in Lapeer, Michigan. The park is characterized as a ‘pocket park’ due to it’s location between two buildings in downtown Lapeer.

Working throughout the past winter the two artist blacksmiths forged the massive flowers. Work took place in the blacksmith shops of both these artists. Jennifer’s ‘Daisy Hill Forge’ in the far north at the eastern end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Bill Palmer’s ‘Steel Rose Forge’, located much closer to Lapeer, in Columbiaville, Michigan.

Along with the massive flowers there is also a fence designed as gnarly vines. There are a few other features within the park grounds.

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DNA Results

We recently asked that any of you who have submitted DNA to a testing service share the results with us. By sharing we mean that we are asking for the list of potential matches that your service reports. In most cases this can be well over 1,000 names. Names are designated a potential relationship type such as 1st Cousin, 2nd Cousin and so on. But don’t be surprised to see a potential 2nd Cousin name that is totally unknown to be related. On the same hand a 4th or 5th Cousin name could be one that is known in fact to be related.

We have lists from Anthony DePollo and Joseph J. DePollo showing links to newly discovered relationships to Feliciano DiPaolo and several of his descendants. Among those descendants are John Holt, Kenneth Powell, Shirley Holt, Zack Holt and Mary Holt Wilson. Anthony’s DNA relatives report include John Holt, Jeanne Waite Follett, Kenneth Powell, Marc D’Alosio and Harrison Coleman. Many other names that are the same are in both their potential DNA Relatives reports.

In case you didn’t realize it the various services do not share their results with one another. Therefore, for example, if you submitted to ‘23andMe‘ and another potential relative submitted to ‘AncestryDNA‘ the two of you will not show up in the DNA report for one another. This is the basis of our request to get copies of the potential match lists that all of you might have. We can compare the lists and see if we discover matches that individually might be missed. Don’t presume that if you submitted to the same service as another that the list will be the same for both in entirety.

For some of you the problem is knowing how to download the list of potential matches in your report. If you use ‘23andMe‘ it’s simple to get a copy of the list in a format that can be opened with Microsoft Excel.
The download option for the results list of potential matches is found under a tab identified as DNA Relatives, which is under the tab Family & Friends. The download link is found near the bottom of the page. The downloaded file is in CSV (Comma Seperated Values) format and can be opened with Excel.

For those who submitted to ‘AncestryDNA‘ there is no simple method on the AncestryDNA report pages to allow you to download the list of names. However, using the ‘Google Chrome‘ browser you can install a ‘Chrome Extension‘ that is specifically designed to download the list. Do a search on Google for ‘AncestryDNA Helper‘. If you do not have the ‘Chrome’ browser installed you will need to do so in order to use the ‘AncestryDNA Helper‘. Note that you can have multiple browsers installed with no issue. You may find that you actually prefer to use Chrome. If you have an Android phone you will already be familiar with Chrome.

Once you have AncestryDNA Helper added to Chrome you will be able to download and save a list of the potential DNA relatives as an Excel file.

Other DNA services may have their own method of allowing you to download a potential DNA Relatives list.


Please take the time to get your list of potential matches and send the saved file to us as an attachment. Mail to

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Discovering Introdaqua

Having been to Introdaqua a number of times for day trips this video from YouTube intrigued me. Knowing that our patriarch, Giuseppe DiPaolo once lived in Introdaqua gives great interest in knowing more about this place. Many of you might also enjoy this presentation.

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Jennifer DePollo Horn, CJF, APF

Jennifer DePollo Horn is an amazing blacksmith. She began her metal working career in 1990 as a Farrier (horseshoer). Most people think Blacksmiths are horseshoers. Blacksmiths might sometimes also have horseshoeing in their skills but Farriers are the true equine podiatrists. The metal working skills are very similar, however shoeing horses is a highly detailed and very specialized skill. A Farrier has great responsibility for the health of the equine client. On the other hand Blacksmiths make tools, artistic and functional metal items. In about 2002, after 12 years of horseshoeing, Jennifer became interested in artistic blacksmithing.

Jennifer runs her own Farrier service and also operates a blacksmithing business through her “Daisy Hill Forge” ( Years ago Jennifer trained with passion and by passing a battery of tests became Michigan’s first female to achieve the status of Certified Journeyman Farrier. She has been an active member of the Michigan Horseshoers Association serving as Secretary, Vice-president and President. Jennifer is also a founding member of the national American Association of Professional Farriers and is an Accredited Professional Farrier. Although Jennifer’s primary Farrier business is in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan she travels throughout the entire State of Michigan for clients. She has also traveled internationally, worked with a Farrier in Italy, trained in the United Kingdom, gave training to veterinary students in the Virgin Islands and Universities in several States.

Recognizing that Farrier work is hard on the body Jennifer is becoming increasingly involved in artistic blacksmithing. Jennifer knows she will one day need to stop horseshoeing but wants to continue working with metal. Her custom made functional and artistic pieces have been sold throughout the States. Samples of her work can be found on both her website and her Facebook page.

Busy year planned…. come and visit Jennifer at one of these events:

Jennifer has been sought out as an instructor by a number of groups. The following is a list of the classes she is currently scheduled to give in 2019, if you have an interest in learning;

Tillers International Women’s Blacksmith Beginner Class April 6-7, 2019

Tunnel Mill School of Crafts End Table Workshop June 7-9, 2019

Shenandoah Valley Blacksmith Guild demonstration June 22, 2019

Rocky Mountain Smiths Conference August 7-11, 2019

Mid Atlantic Smith Association at the Tuckahoe Metalsmith Conference September 7-8, 2019

Arizona Artist Blacksmith demonstration September 21-22, 2019

New England School of Metal Workshop Projects for the developing Blacksmith October 1-4, 2019

Tillers International Women’s Blacksmith Beginner Class November 2-3, 2019

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DNA Test Results

We’re still hoping that those who have had a DNA test will share their results with us. There’s information that you may be overlooking! Most people browse through their online report looking for names they recognize. There is a lot more to analysis than simply locating familiar names. Give us help in expanding the analysis. So far we only have the results from one person’s 23andMe DNA test.

There are a number of DNA testing services and they do not share data with one another. One thing they do though is to sell test results to big pharmaceutical companies. We’re not sure that is a good thing!

Anyway, the results are constantly updated as new DNA submissions are made. That’s the reason they don’t mail reports to you. However with most services you should be able download a file that has the data that is currently available.

If you had a DNA test through Ancestry DNA here’s a link to instructions on how to download the raw data to a file that you could share with us. Click here for the instructions!

If you used 23andMe DNA testing you would use the Quick Links on the Home page to go to the section titled DNA Relatives. At the bottom of the page is a link that says ‘Download Aggregate Data’. Click that link and a text file will download with the listing of all the names that may have common DNA markers to you.

Other DNA services most likely have the same options to download data.

If you can send us a copy of the file you download it will help us to see if there are any names you overlooked, or names that are unfamiliar to you, that may be potential family connections.

If you are willing to participate please send your file download as an email attachment to

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