Daniel Thomas DePollo

Daniel Thomas DePollo April 1988 – July 2019

With broken heart we must give notice of the passing of Daniel Thomas DePollo, age 31, son of Kevin John DePollo and Lynn (Thomas) DePollo. Dan was the youngest of three siblings. His sisters are Andrea (DePollo) Bierma (Jeff) and Kimberly Ann DePollo.

A quiet, gentle person, Dan will be missed by family and friends. He was an avid and very accomplished bowler which endeared him to his grandmother Adeline DePollo who herself shared a passion for that sport for many years.

Dan’s passing was a shocking saddening event. Our hearts go out to Kevin, Lynn, Andrea and Kim who are devastated that the youngest member of their family was taken far too early in life.

Dan, though single did have a special someone. Dan worked as a metal fabricator, specifically a highly skilled specialty welder. He worked hard and bought his own home. Dan had just returned earlier in the evening from a camping trip he had taken with his sister Kim. Dan had messaged his mom to let her know he was home but sadly hours later he passed unexpectedly.

May God bless Dan and bring him to heaven to be at his side. Please say a prayer or two for Dan and his family.

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Entertaining Angels

Michelle DePollo McTaggart wrote this beautifully uplifting essay about her father, Norman Jean DePollo, and gave permission to share it with you. We had thought about publishing Michelle’s essay on the anniversary of  Norman’s birth but now seemed to be a good time so we didn’t wait. Michelle’s story raised my spirit, it should certainly raise the spirit of all those who read it.

Click the image below to open the PDF of Michelle’s Essay


Entertaining Angels by Michelle DePollo McTaggart

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Commemorative Tile


100 yr CommemorativeAll PostsThis is the commemorative tile that was presented to John Bright, the current owner of the DePollo Building. John Bright is the second person to have purchased the building after John DePollo passed away. The first venture failed and John Bright purchased the building turning it into a cafe with a regular schedule of entertainment.

The commemorative is double-sided with travertine marble tile on one side and ceramic tile on the obverse side.The tiles are contained in a stainless steel channel surround, Stainless steel grape leaves and vines adorn the top corners of both sides. The leaf stems form a loop over each corner that allows for a method of hanging the tiles.

The commemorative reads; The descendants of Joseph DePollo (Guiseppe DiPaolo), present John Bright, owner of the Purple Fiddle, this commemorative of the 100 year anniversary of the DePollo Building, formerly known as he DePollo Store. Joseph DePollo, who was born in 1866, emigrated to Thomas, WV from Introdacqua, Italy about 1891. Joseph worked in the local mines until he opened his first store in 1903. The store prospered and in 1915 he built this larger ediface where he raised a family and operated his business. Throught the years, sons, Anthony, Ralph, Harry, John James Orlando and daughter Philomena and many of their families lived in and called this building home.

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