2019 Reunion

This is the week when our 2019 Reunion will take place. If there is any possibility for you to attend, even if only for the day, please join us.

You don’t have to be a direct relative to join us. We welcome everyone who is related in any manner, in-laws, out-laws, cousins, second cousins, neighbors and friends. If you knew one of the family or any one of the families who are somehow related you are welcome to join and party with us. It’s an OPEN reunion for all who would like to say ‘Hi” to someone they know.

Saturday July 27, 2019 at the K of C park at the outskirt of Thomas, WV

Read the front page of this site and older Posts for additional details.

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Daniel Thomas DePollo

Daniel Thomas DePollo April 1988 – July 2019

With broken heart we must give notice of the passing of Daniel Thomas DePollo, age 31, son of Kevin John DePollo and Lynn (Thomas) DePollo. Dan was the youngest of three siblings. His sisters are Andrea (DePollo) Bierma (Jeff) and Kimberly Ann DePollo.

A quiet, gentle person, Dan will be missed by family and friends. He was an avid and very accomplished bowler which endeared him to his grandmother Adeline DePollo who herself shared a passion for that sport for many years.

Dan’s passing was a shocking saddening event. Our hearts go out to Kevin, Lynn, Andrea and Kim who are devastated that the youngest member of their family was taken far too early in life.

Dan, though single did have a special someone. Dan worked as a metal fabricator, specifically a highly skilled specialty welder. He worked hard and bought his own home. Dan had just returned earlier in the evening from a camping trip he had taken with his sister Kim. Dan had messaged his mom to let her know he was home but sadly hours later he passed unexpectedly.

May God bless Dan and bring him to heaven to be at his side. Please say a prayer or two for Dan and his family.

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Reunion 2019 Update

Our 2019 Family Reunion for the DePollo, Quattro, Waitkunas & Related Families is quickly approaching July 26-28 in Thomas, W.Va. So far, it looks like we will have a decent turn out with about 40-50 attendees, but the more the merrier! Even if you decide at the last minute you’d like to join us, come on down, over or up! There’s always room for one more!

I am delighted to report that cousins from the Felix DiPaolo family will be joining us too! Felix’s oldest surviving granddaughter (at age 85) and her two daughters are flying to Washington, D.C., and then driving to the reunion. They will be bringing lots of info with them about Joe DePollo’s long-lost brother and their families, so it should be a lot of fun to get acquainted with them and hear about their lives. For those of you who may not be in the loop, the family connection was discovered through an Ancestry.com  genetic test earlier this year. Various other family members have also authenticated the connection through 23&Me, so we now have new “cugini” to celebrate with! We will be prepared to give them a real Tucker County welcome!

As in the past, we will get together in the library of the Blackwater Falls State Park on Friday evening about 7:30 pm. On Saturday morning, we can walk the streets of Thomas to see what’s new or visit the local cemeteries as desired.  Official festivities start at noon at the Knights of Columbus Pavilion on the road between Thomas and Davis. The Joe DePollo family is providing grilled hot dogs and Italian sausage, so bring a dish to share, and we will feast for the day! Some drinks, water and paper products will also be provided.

Unfortunately, the Purple Fiddle was booked for the weekend, so the DePollo Brothers will not be providing their annual concert in the old store. But we may be able to get one or both to bring their accordions to the picnic. Of course, we have plenty of good family musicians, so if you play an instrument bring it along for our open stage. Also, if you have any family memorabilia or photos you’d like to display, we will have space to do that.

One important note:  cousin Loretta DePollo James tells us that her class from the former Mountaineer High School will hold its 50th reunion in the Davis area the same weekend. That may make hotel accommodations tight on the mountain, so don’t wait to book something if you haven’t already.

Hope all is well with all of you! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Janice DePollo Lantz

P.S. – Cousin Deb DePollo has suggested that we make a family cookbook. If you would be interested in participating, bring a few of your family favorite recipes and we can see if there is enough interest in doing one. We could possibly put it together over the winter and have it for the 2020 reunion!

P.S.S. – I had trouble with the email distribution, so I did this by family. If I missed someone, please share!

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Mark DePollo had a Birthday

Mark turned over another year! He said he wanted to “give” rather than “receive” so he threw a party for his family and friends. He put together a concert with the help of his son Anthony. He declared it to be the “DiPaolo Meadows Concert Series” featuring Anthony and the band “The Shells”.

Family and friends were made aware of the concert party via open invitations on Facebook and word of mouth. Mark’s son Alex provided different types of beer that he custom brews for the “Draught Horse” pub. Heather prepared pulled pork sandwiches and many other wonderful eats.

The video below is a compilation of photos and videos that many in attendance recorded and published online.

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Jennifer (DePollo) Horn Wins Award

Olive Craig Gallery announces Annual Exhibition awards

Sault farrier Jennifer Horn is the winner of the $300 first place award in Olive Craig Gallery’s Annual Exhibition. Horn is the owner of Daisy Hill Forge on South Riverside Drive; in addition to forging horseshoes she forges objects of wrought iron, including the beautiful glass topped table that won the award.

Jennifer Horn’s hand forged table
Jennifer Horn taught the students how to build an end table with round pass-throughs, wraps, square corners, forge welds, and other traditional metalworking techniques.

Jennifer Horn recently taught a class at Tunnel Mill Blacksmith Shop in Spring Valley, Minnesota where 10 students each learned to build their own tables. The weekend of June 22nd she will give a demonstration on forging the components of a hand forged table lamp. Elements of the lamp include Dogwood flowers and leaves and artistic scrolls. The demonstration will take place for the Shenandoah Valley Blacksmith Guild at Bill Fox’s Blacksmith Shop located at 4263 East Side Highway, Grottoes, Virginia 24441 

Shenandoah Valley Blacksmith Guild demonstration featuring Jennifer Horn – June 22, 2019If you are near Grottoes, VA stop in and see Jennifer!

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Appalachian Forest Discovery Center Museum

This Post is to let you know that the Appalachian Forest Discovery Center Museum has a new exhibit with a nice little section on the DePollo Store.

It’s located right as you enter the door of the museum. Sarah , the lady who put the exhibit together, borrowed a few artifacts from the Purple Fiddle. We provided her with a brief write-up on the history of the family journey from Italy to Appalachia.

If any of you are able to visit Elkins, WV anytime from now until October (Thursdays thru Sundays) drop-in to the Appalachian Forest Discovery Center museum where the exhibit is on display.

The Appalachian Forest Discovery Center is open to the public Thursday through Sunday, 9:30 am to 5 pm, from May through October, or by appointment. Admission is free; donations are appreciated. Contact them at info@appalachianforest.us or call 304-637-6182.

The museum is located on the first floor of the Darden Mill, #2 Railroad Ave., Elkins, West Virginia 26241 one block south of the Elkins Depot in downtown Elkins, at the intersection of Railroad Ave and First Street. The GPS coordinates are: 38.9233465 and -79.8532057.

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Broken Link Fixed

It was just reported that there was a broken link to the “Click Here” button on the home page of DePolloFamily.com.

The link had been set during the initial write-up of the home page and pointed to a ‘preview’ page. That link has been repaired.

We were trying to help Janice DePollo Lantz get an approximation of how many would attend the 2019 Reunion.

Alternately you may Click here to reply to the inquiry.

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Job Well Done

From the Front page of the Lapeer News

Jennifer DePollo Horn, Farrier and Artist Blacksmith

Jennifer DePollo Horn, and her associate blacksmith, Bill Palmer have completed a massive set of iron flower sculptures to grace the entrance to a new city park in Lapeer, Michigan. The park is characterized as a ‘pocket park’ due to it’s location between two buildings in downtown Lapeer.

Working throughout the past winter the two artist blacksmiths forged the massive flowers. Work took place in the blacksmith shops of both these artists. Jennifer’s ‘Daisy Hill Forge’ in the far north at the eastern end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Bill Palmer’s ‘Steel Rose Forge’, located much closer to Lapeer, in Columbiaville, Michigan.



Along with the massive flowers there is also a fence designed as gnarly vines. There are a few other features within the park grounds.

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DNA Results

We recently asked that any of you who have submitted DNA to a testing service share the results with us. By sharing we mean that we are asking for the list of potential matches that your service reports. In most cases this can be well over 1,000 names. Names are designated a potential relationship type such as 1st Cousin, 2nd Cousin and so on. But don’t be surprised to see a potential 2nd Cousin name that is totally unknown to be related. On the same hand a 4th or 5th Cousin name could be one that is known in fact to be related.

We have lists from Anthony DePollo and Joseph J. DePollo showing links to newly discovered relationships to Feliciano DiPaolo and several of his descendants. Among those descendants are John Holt, Kenneth Powell, Shirley Holt, Zack Holt and Mary Holt Wilson. Anthony’s DNA relatives report include John Holt, Jeanne Waite Follett, Kenneth Powell, Marc D’Alosio and Harrison Coleman. Many other names that are the same are in both their potential DNA Relatives reports.

In case you didn’t realize it the various services do not share their results with one another. Therefore, for example, if you submitted to ‘23andMe‘ and another potential relative submitted to ‘AncestryDNA‘ the two of you will not show up in the DNA report for one another. This is the basis of our request to get copies of the potential match lists that all of you might have. We can compare the lists and see if we discover matches that individually might be missed. Don’t presume that if you submitted to the same service as another that the list will be the same for both in entirety.

For some of you the problem is knowing how to download the list of potential matches in your report. If you use ‘23andMe‘ it’s simple to get a copy of the list in a format that can be opened with Microsoft Excel.
The download option for the results list of potential matches is found under a tab identified as DNA Relatives, which is under the tab Family & Friends. The download link is found near the bottom of the page. The downloaded file is in CSV (Comma Seperated Values) format and can be opened with Excel.

For those who submitted to ‘AncestryDNA‘ there is no simple method on the AncestryDNA report pages to allow you to download the list of names. However, using the ‘Google Chrome‘ browser you can install a ‘Chrome Extension‘ that is specifically designed to download the list. Do a search on Google for ‘AncestryDNA Helper‘. If you do not have the ‘Chrome’ browser installed you will need to do so in order to use the ‘AncestryDNA Helper‘. Note that you can have multiple browsers installed with no issue. You may find that you actually prefer to use Chrome. If you have an Android phone you will already be familiar with Chrome.

Once you have AncestryDNA Helper added to Chrome you will be able to download and save a list of the potential DNA relatives as an Excel file.

Other DNA services may have their own method of allowing you to download a potential DNA Relatives list.


Please take the time to get your list of potential matches and send the saved file to us as an attachment. Mail to info@depollofamily.com

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Discovering Introdaqua

Having been to Introdaqua a number of times for day trips this video from YouTube intrigued me. Knowing that our patriarch, Giuseppe DiPaolo once lived in Introdaqua gives great interest in knowing more about this place. Many of you might also enjoy this presentation.

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