DNA Results

We recently asked that any of you who have submitted DNA to a testing service share the results with us. By sharing we mean that we are asking for the list of potential matches that your service reports. In most cases this can be well over 1,000 names. Names are designated a potential relationship type such as 1st Cousin, 2nd Cousin and so on. But don’t be surprised to see a potential 2nd Cousin name that is totally unknown to be related. On the same hand a 4th or 5th Cousin name could be one that is known in fact to be related.

We have lists from Anthony DePollo and Joseph J. DePollo showing links to newly discovered relationships to Feliciano DiPaolo and several of his descendants. Among those descendants are John Holt, Kenneth Powell, Shirley Holt, Zack Holt and Mary Holt Wilson. Anthony’s DNA relatives report include John Holt, Jeanne Waite Follett, Kenneth Powell, Marc D’Alosio and Harrison Coleman. Many other names that are the same are in both their potential DNA Relatives reports.

In case you didn’t realize it the various services do not share their results with one another. Therefore, for example, if you submitted to ‘23andMe‘ and another potential relative submitted to ‘AncestryDNA‘ the two of you will not show up in the DNA report for one another. This is the basis of our request to get copies of the potential match lists that all of you might have. We can compare the lists and see if we discover matches that individually might be missed. Don’t presume that if you submitted to the same service as another that the list will be the same for both in entirety.

For some of you the problem is knowing how to download the list of potential matches in your report. If you use ‘23andMe‘ it’s simple to get a copy of the list in a format that can be opened with Microsoft Excel.
The download option for the results list of potential matches is found under a tab identified as DNA Relatives, which is under the tab Family & Friends. The download link is found near the bottom of the page. The downloaded file is in CSV (Comma Seperated Values) format and can be opened with Excel.

For those who submitted to ‘AncestryDNA‘ there is no simple method on the AncestryDNA report pages to allow you to download the list of names. However, using the ‘Google Chrome‘ browser you can install a ‘Chrome Extension‘ that is specifically designed to download the list. Do a search on Google for ‘AncestryDNA Helper‘. If you do not have the ‘Chrome’ browser installed you will need to do so in order to use the ‘AncestryDNA Helper‘. Note that you can have multiple browsers installed with no issue. You may find that you actually prefer to use Chrome. If you have an Android phone you will already be familiar with Chrome.

Once you have AncestryDNA Helper added to Chrome you will be able to download and save a list of the potential DNA relatives as an Excel file.

Other DNA services may have their own method of allowing you to download a potential DNA Relatives list.


Please take the time to get your list of potential matches and send the saved file to us as an attachment. Mail to info@depollofamily.com

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