A Walk In West Virginia


As I completed radiation and chemotherapy I had the opportunity for a visit to West Virginia. I took a short walk on the fisherman’s trail that heads down the canyon slope to the Blackwater river far below. I tied that together to the video recorded during my trip.

The occasion for the visit was the 4th DePollo Family Reunion, but it was a small affair this year so there was time to do some site seeing and visit with other cousins from the Quattro side of the family.



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Tony D in Concert

Tony D performs in a private yard party concert



Anthony, or as some call him; ‘Tony D’, demonstrates his skillful mastery of string instruments, particularly the banjo. He gave a little impromptu yard party concert for his family and friends. We are so very proud of the skill he has and the love of playing that is his passion. Anthony’s parents are Mark and Heather, his Grandparent’s are Gary and Judy and Diane.

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