A Walk In West Virginia


As I completed radiation and chemotherapy I had the opportunity for a visit to West Virginia. I took a short walk on the fisherman’s trail that heads down the canyon slope to the Blackwater river far below. I tied that together to the video recorded during my trip.

The occasion for the visit was the 4th DePollo Family Reunion, but it was a small affair this year so there was time to do some site seeing and visit with other cousins from the Quattro side of the family.



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2 thoughts on “A Walk In West Virginia

  1. Thank you Gary, for sharing your beautiful WV experience with everyone. Looking forward to taking a Walk in West Virginia with you next July!

  2. Gary,
    I’m speechless. It doesn’t get more beautiful than that. Such a simplistic lifestyle those people get to live in all of those small towns. I so enjoyed being able to take this virtual walk with you and listening to the perfect music to accompany that walk. How awesome was that for you to be able to take that peaceful walk by yourself and soak it all in? God is so good and we are so blessed to be able to view the beautiful things that he created for us. It is so cool to know that 100 years ago, our ancestors drove those roads and walked those same paths that you did . You are one lucky young man. Thanks for sharing your video and allowing me to escape to the peaceful mountains of West Virginia. You look so very well and you have the look of peace on your face. That’s what being in Gods country does for ya! ☺️

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